#1 Undeniable Trick to Becoming A Cool Mom

#1 Undeniable Trick To Becoming

I will never ever forget finding out I was several months in to pregnancy after barely even knowing my now husband of 18 years. It was single handedly the scariest time frame of my entire life. While there are hundreds of blogs I could write on the challenges and triumphs I, and we have faced in the 20+ years we’ve been together now there is one that personally stands above all,…and that is my journey to COOL MOM STATUS…FOR LIFE.


The pain before the triumph really began a few days after coming home from the hospital with my first-born. I gained 70lbs from simply not really understanding or even knowing what the heck to expect with pregnancy. I was a girl who never dreamed of the white picket fence. I didn’t have an all American girl dream like most my friends. I dreamed of being in control, being uber cool, well known, standing out and being at CEO status. Little did I know that being a mommy would challenge all these dreams for a long time before I would begin to understand the solution.


When I arrived home from the hospital covered in stretch marks, 50lbs more, with a belly protruding and other things looking, well not so tight and right anymore I instantly gave up after my first born. I felt total defeat, TOTAL DEFEAT. I didn’t even recognize my body or self anymore, and to add salt to my wound I had a baby who held me hostage to crying and needs that outweighed mine no matter how important mine were. I will never, ever forget it. Ever.  I wore clothes that were frumpy, not sexy. It wasn’t until after I had my second baby that I began the process of my personal importance, beauty and sexuality awakening. It was painful and beautiful at the same time.


Without going into detail, after the storm hit my life in 2006 I began running, running 30, 40, 50 miles a week overnight. I never had so much energy in my life. It was a way to channel my pain, but also a way to find ME, the new me, the new MOMMY ME. I started to prove to myself my capabilities, capabilities that many and MOST did not possess around me. In my head it sounded like this “Holy shit…I am good at this, people are floored by my capabilities physically, WOW…I am a badass, not a loser woman who lost herself personally years ago”. Holy shit the level of confidence that began to build was monumental to who I later became and am today. Quick word of advice for you young mommies…HAVE YOUR OWN THING! Find something that lights you up and nurture it constantly. Even on a low level nurture that shit. Make it a priority for YOU! Direct sales, knitting, fashion, cooking and blogging about it…whatever it is go for it and make it yours!

After sometime finding my physical ability I began to awaken as a woman. Dressing better, getting ready more, making ME matter in how I walked out the door into the world. Holding my head higher little by little. COOL MOM STATUS WAS BORN! I began to realize I matter in representation the minute I left the house. I realized a large part in teaching people how to treat me mattered in first impressions immensely. Now listen, there are going to be a bunch of ya’ll who want to negate this shouldn’t’ be the truth, but the bottom fricken line is IT IS! So mold to it or work your whole life as an activist to change it. I was not born to be that activist so I molded as soon as I understood this fact.


Today as I write this blog it is July 2019. This part of my story and journey began in 2006. 13 years in the making. I will stand by one thing, and one thing only that did and does stand above all the rest when it comes to Cool Mom Status. HERE IS IT, THE #! UNDENIABLE TRICK TO BECOMING A COOL MOM! MAKE TIME FOR YOU to walk out that door feeling PUT TOGETHER! I don’t care if you’re going to the gym, step that shit up and put some lip-gloss on, mascara on, give that baggy Tee a little 80’s side shoulder cut. Just make you feel well represented in the woman you either want to be or already know you are. Grocery store, step that shit up. Movies with your kids…make it happen and put yourself together!! You need to be well represented as a woman, Mommy, girlfriend, wife, single lady, working woman…ALL of it!

If I could go back to the younger me, the days prelude to coming home from the hospital I would tell her one thing…DON’T GIVE UP ON YOU! You attract and manifest what you want by living it today! Your body will adjust, you will adjust to the new norm, but bottom line is DON’T GIVE UP ON YOU! Make yourself feel pretty, sexy, desirable, worthy, smart, healthy etc. in one way or another at first and then build on this. Just make time for you and make you matter. It returns in investment 10 fold, especially as time goes on. Trust me, I promise. J


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