How NBR Hair Extensions Made Me A Better Woman

Where do I begin on how NBR Hair Extensions changed my life…

I lived as a health conscious, fit woman for over 15 years. I was known for my leggings and baseball hats. This was great while it lasted but there did come the time I no longer felt sexy and attractive as a “fit” mom. I felt lost and had no idea how to get out of this chapter of life until I found NBR.

I found NBR at an event I attended where there were dozens of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity woman with the most gorgeous hair I had ever seen! Their confidence was admirable as they all looked well put together no matter what their hair and makeup looked like. That was the turning point in my life.

It was just 4 short weeks later I had NBR hair and my entire look began to transform. I went from being a sporty frumpy woman every day to a woman I had dreamed of. My new NBR hair had forced me to get ready every day, get out of my comfort zone, step up my dress code standard and even draw my husband in more than ever. I felt like a goddess and still do!

It has been almost 1 year since NBR and I say almost daily to other women who constantly compliment my hair, very openly…NBR is and was the BEST investment I ever made for myself and truly helped me bring my sexy back. I have been amazed at how COMPLETELY seamless and hidden the hair is where it is placed. It TRULY feels like a part of me! I am able to wear the BEST ponytails, both high and low. Curling it is amazing and I even save on time with not having to wash my hair every day. AND BEST OF ALL…THERE IS NO DAMAGE TO YOUR HAIR!!! I literally could remove extensions today and have my normal hair like before. AMAZING!

I cannot stop publicly sharing about NBR on my IG @jeanettesusanlucero because I truly believe other women NEED to take this plunge and give back to themselves. I can genuinely say, as strange as it might sound that NBR made me a better woman for others and myself.

Thank you NBR!

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