Do You Have A Stick Up Your A..?

We all need to take that stick out of our a&&. WE ALL DO.

Hear me out before you choose to be offended. Please.

Do you think you’re above something? Better than something? Not a chance you’ll ever do, say, become, act, etc. in that way? Well, guess what my friend…YOU HAVE A STICK UP YOUR a&&.

How many times have you been down a road or in a situation where you had no idea how you ended up there? More than you can count I am guessing. Me too.

As humanity goes and society, we innately need to relate, support, love, embrace each other, lean on and even find ourselves in circumstances we could have NEVER, EVER imagined we’d be in…together.

BUT…if we, as people and humans living on this confusing and often challenging, beautiful earth choose to live in our perfect little bubbled up minds that, WE will “never do that”, “never become that”, “never act that way” etc. than we are actually separating ourselves and each other from the desperate need to support and love that we each have to offer others. We would essentially have a stick up our a&& that we are above, better and even exempt from certain life experiences that in reality are possibly a part of our future. WE JUST DO NOT KNOW…only God knows.

Now listen, for the sake of being devils advocate let me separate what I am making a point in versus, what some of you might hear.

I am not saying, AT ALL that we DO NOT have a choice whether or not to shoot up heroin or drive our car at 110 mph (although I am tempted to go 130 mph daily). What I am saying is WE DO NOT have a choice whether we will face situations and circumstances that we feel we are far above. A family member we love choosing drugs after we had always said we would never associate with drug addicts. Having to start all over financially after living in your mind you would never be that broke person. The list goes on and on. We just never know how WE WILL BE HUMBLED to relate to others who…
NEED US, AND WE NEED THEM. Even if you currently have a stick up your a&&, you do need them.

So…the question for you is,

WHERE are you currently living in your mind above others, better than others and invincible?

Find it, reign it, and pull that stick out of your a&& or find yourself humbled by force.

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