#1 Strangest Way To A Successful Life

We all have wants. We ALL have something that we see that we KNOW we are supposed to achieve. Yet MOST of us cannot figure out how to get there and what is stopping us. We ALL know what we need to do to get there, yet we go through trial and error over and over only ending up not achieving what we want. Why? Why can we not seem to do what we know we need to do? Why?

As a Life Coach who coaches individuals in exactly the subject at hand, “what is holding you back”, I have sat in hours upon hours of coaching sessions with clients, literally hearing my clients verbatim saying the same exact thing. “I know what I need to do, but I can’t seem to do it. I feel dumb, alone, lost, stuck and overwhelmed”. This, in my career is a daily conversation, HOW TO GET UNSTUCK AND ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT!

There is, if you will, a “recipe”. When it comes to coaching clients I learned that there’s almost never an easy way for them to achieve their goals, as far as the actual work goes, but that there is a SIMPLE way of going about it, sounds contradicting right? Well stick with me here because there’s no such thing as coincidences, in other words you are here for a reason.

Here is the MASSIVLY SUCCESSFUL APPROACH I use to helping clients get unstuck…

The In-advertent Approach, Brings Direct Results!!!

Year over year clients come to me for weight loss, bettering a relationship, increased finances, deepened spirituality etc. THEY ALL want something and can’t see how to get there. It isn’t UNTIL they allow themselves to open up in the safe space created for them to finally feel free to express their REAL TRUTH. There…in the REAL TRUTH…is the secret recipe to success.

While in coaching I ask my clients to do something they almost always find scary and confusing…at first. I ask them to put aside their initial reason and goal for coming to me as a Life Coach, and begin focusing on the little aches and pains that came up in coaching time. For example; Julie comes to me for 15lb weight loss. She expresses how 15lbs would truly change her life. She would be more confident, fit in her clothes better, think more clearly etc. But what Julie does not see, just like many of us, is the REAL reason she is wearing that 15lbs in the first place. After Julie begins to open up about her life we discover that she is actually carrying around some baggage on how she feels in her career. She knows she is performing at sub par standards and it is deeply affecting her confidence, which only leads her to eating. The approach we use with Julie is truly what sets her free and that is to STOP focusing on the weight for a minimum of 3-weeks.

We then draft Julie up a plan for healing the little nuances in daily life around work and clearing out the things that are bothering her on an either low level basis, or a higher level basis. Oh and by the way, I would ask Julie to continue eating just like she does for a minimum of 3-weeks. What happens next is where the real magic takes place in “The In-advertent Approach Brings Direct Results”.

After just 1 week Julie comes back feeling a grand sense of peace. She feels like she can breath for the first time in a long time and pressure has been released. It is incredible to say the least to watch on the other side of the chair or phone.

You see, what happens in our lives is we begin to tolerate little by little things we don’t like, things we don’t agree with, things that won’t fit for the future we truly want. Over time these little pains begin to add up into pressure in our lives. We begin stuffing it back down each and every time. So when I ask the client to begin cleaning up the daily pains, it suddenly frees up brain space, retracts back more energy and overall gives them a renewed sense of peace and hope! It is miraculous to say the least, and works.

“The In-Advertent Approach Brings Direct Results”. Find what is REALLY bothering you, face it, change it and watch your goals and dreams become a steam lined!!


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