#1 BEST Way To Build Momentum With Health Goals

For many years I have worked with women in their health as a Life Coach. The women I work with, typically speaking struggle with the “Monday” mentality in their health, aka the “I’ll start on Monday” mentality. Along this journey in working with women, I have learned a game-changing lesson that has been carried with me in all my coaching.

If you are reading this, it is not by coincidence…READ ON!

This lessen began to show up as I noticed a pattern in the women working with. These women would go up and down in their weight and struggle emotionally on a deep level. It is not to be underestimated, the deep pain in the battle of “I’ll start Monday” mentality. They would leave my office, on a set path, with set actions to be taken, only to come back a week or 2 later with remorse, guilt and, shame that they were unable to complete ALL the actions on their list. A list they essentially made for themselves. It took me about a year in my practice before I realized that this pattern of guilt, spawn by overset expectations for someone looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, not a diet, was setting them back on the path of a yo-yo diet.

The lesson I learned and realized over that first year was precisely this:

Coming up short needed to be part of the exercise I assigned them as their Coach!

I cannot describe how when I began implementing this, it changed the ENTIRE outcome for my clients but, also for me professionally. Clients began to build trust with themselves. Trust that when they “screwed up”, they would remain driving forward REGARDLESS, gaining momentum because they had made many, many steps in the right direction and only a few that would be washed away.

Over time these women began to understand that those times of “screwing up” were developing a thicker skin and trust that THEY COULD DO IT and were doing it, even including the times they “fell short”.

Like is said in the beginning, if you are reading this then YOU need to remember, with time, ALL steps in the right direction, added up, build into compounded value. The badassness comes when you begin building momentum and take a look back at the compound value you have built and, see you built the life you were dreaming of…ALL BECAUSE YOU KEPT GOING REGARDLESS of the times you “fell short”.




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