#1 Strangest Way To A Successful Life

We all have wants. We ALL have something that we see that we KNOW we are supposed to achieve. Yet MOST of us cannot figure out how to get there and what is stopping us. We ALL know what we need to do to get there, yet we go through trial and error over and over only ending up not achieving what we want. Why? Why can we not seem to do what we know we need to do? Why? As a Life Coach who coaches individuals in exactly the subject at hand, “what is holding you back”, I have sat in hours upon hours of coaching sessions with clients, literally hearing my clients verbatim saying the same exact thing.

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My Top 5 Regrets On Getting Tattoos

Do you remember where you were the first time you had an urge to get your very own tattoo? Were you really young, or did it spring on when you were a tad bit older? For me it began at the age of 14, I was an early tattoo bloomer. The first tattoo I ever got was at the ripe old age of 16, and now I must share my top 5 biggest regrets in all my 26 seasoned tattoo years! 1. No One Told Me There Were Bad Artists in Nice Shops! That’s right, who knew that inside of greatly established and very nicely kept tattoo studios were unseasoned and inexperienced tattoo artists. Shame on the studio really, but shame

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#1 Undeniable Trick to Becoming A Cool Mom

#1 Undeniable Trick To Becoming I will never ever forget finding out I was several months in to pregnancy after barely even knowing my now husband of 18 years. It was single handedly the scariest time frame of my entire life. While there are hundreds of blogs I could write on the challenges and triumphs I, and we have faced in the 20+ years we’ve been together now there is one that personally stands above all,…and that is my journey to COOL MOM STATUS…FOR LIFE. WHERE THE PAIN BEGAN!  The pain before the triumph really began a few days after coming home from the hospital with my first-born. I gained 70lbs from simply not really understanding or even knowing what

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Sexy For The Summer

I have to say, I am not usually a tight fitted tank type of gal….UNTIL high waisted shorts and pants came back in! YAAAS!!! These High Waisted Sash Tie Linen-Blend Utility Shortsfrom Express might be my fave pair of shorts in my shorts collection. I love the shade because you can pair any top with them! They are short but not too short making them EXACTLY how I like them…fun but classy. The current price is $39.90 or BOGO at $19.90. This Basic Cotton-Blend Cami from Forever 21 is PERFECT for all summer long, AND for pairing in other seasons with things like a sports coat and a great pair of denim! The crazy price of $2.90 means you can snag

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Kimoto and Tank Midi, The Perfect Classy Combo

I have a funny obsession with tank style midi dresses, but what I also have is an obsession with looking classy! That is why this adorably classy look brought to you by Amazon is the perfect sexy, classy combo!  This Stretchy Midi Dress is so soft and has the perfect elasticity to it. It comes in over 20 colors and comes in at only $17.99! A great pair of slides would take this dress to a perfect casual look. The Kimono also brought to you by Amazon comes in over 30 colors and patterns! One patter I snagged was leopard! Priced just right at $19.99 this is the kimono to have for years to come with such a perfectly classic

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Cut Off Shorts Kind Of Spring Day

What is a girl to do when it is heating up outside, she obviously needs clothes and can’t just run around buck naked, but still wants to achieve a GREAT look? Cut off shorts of course! They are a staple item that every gal needs in her wardrobe and can be done up in so many ways. BUT…my favorite way is a cute pair of slides or flip flops and a simple top. Now, on to where I shop for the BEST cut off shorts ever! Express is one of my top GO TO spots to handle it! I LOVE these Low Rise Light Wash Distressed Denim Shorts. These super comfy shorts have a list price of $54.90 and a

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